Pidge – Animation by Renee Zhan

Pidge, a suicidal pigeon contemplates his existence.

Pidge was completed over the course of six months by artist and animator Renee Zhan as a third year film at Harvard University. It started as an intellectual exercise in thinking about the public spaces inhabited by both pigeon and man. Renee began to wonder about the possible physical intersection of a man-pigeon and what his dreams and goals would be. The only thing she figured out was that he would be ill-adjusted and unhappy, and that’s how Pidge was born. Read more about this talented artist and animator below the video.

Renee Zhan has graduated from Harvard in June 2016. Her thesis film, Hold Me (Ca Caw Ca Caw), which stars yet another sad bird, is currently on the festival circuit.

What interests Renee most about animation is its immense emotional potential. She says: “I’ve found that I’m most interested in crafting films that straddle the line between tragedy and comedy. I want to create characters who repulse yet endear. I want my audience to be unsure whether they should laugh or cry.”

Any footage © by Renee Zhan.

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